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​As a four year old child in South Texas, I watched my mother painting one day and asked if I could paint, too.  Some drawing supplies and simple instructions from her opened a door to creativity that was waiting inside me.  From time to time, I would take painting classes. I always excelled at art projects for school.  I did so well that sometimes, people questioned whether the work was really mine.  However, I didn't push myself with my art and the skills to do my best were never developed.  

I grew to manhood and worked at construction jobs for my livelihood.  Eventually I became self-employed as a handyman which fulfilled my desire for creativity.  In 2002, I finally quit running away from my artistic calling.  I had been raised in a traditional Protestant church but I had never received the fullness of Jesus Christ's love for me. When I finally allowed Him this place in my life, it was the beginning of a restoration process we had both been waiting for.  I needed Jesus to be more than the "hand-me-down God" I had heard about.  Now, I knew Him as Lord and Savior!

I soon realized that our walk together was custom-designed for me.   The walk was different from everyone else that I knew, but at the same time, it was unique...not more special or important.  I began to notice pictures of my imagination and how they were "lining up" with prayers and preaching from others around me.   Praying, meditating, and worshipping with Lord Jesus was rewarding in itself but there were messages from heaven transferring into visions also.  This was prophetic rhema being poured into me and the desire to paint these images became urgent.  The long forgotten path to be a professional artist merged with my new spiritual journey!

The images created in the paintings are all based on visions I have received over recent years.  My ability to recreate an exact likeness of what I "see" is limited but as I continue to paint and grow up in the Holy Spirit, I am improving.  The paintings may seem surreal or "other worldly" at times,  but I am presenting them as accurately as my abilities allow.  I don't try to add or take away from that which I believe is a visual word from God or Rhema.  

I like to call this an Art Convergence.  I feel as if many spiritual callings and creative talents are becoming one at a designated time in history.  This Art Convergence could also be called a multi-layered revolution/ministry.  It is a means of delivering messages from heaven to earth and helps to de-mystify the biblical visions God continues to communicate with man.  The images can help to equip others to interpret visions or "hear from God".  Hopefully, God is using art to help de-religionize the relationship that man has created and restore communion as He intended it to be.