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​I have a hard time considering myself as an artist but my creations are an expression of the passion the Lord has placed in my heart for Praise.  I always start by turning the time over to Abba and asking for His special touch. Music that glorifies the Father is a must.  He knows where each piece will go ultimately and it is such a joy to see the expression on individuals' faces when their fabric first speaks to them.

I really began creating flags for my own use in worship but when other people saw them, they encouraged me to make more for them as well, and so I began to sell my fabric creations.  Any profit I make is used to help with my mission trip expenses when I travel with my church.

I started experimenting with fabrics and quickly settled on silk.  Now I work exclusively with both 5 mm and lush 8 mm haboti silk for flags, veils and billows.  I use Jacquard silk colors.

I cleared an area in my garage to work as my studio.  It is large enough to lay down a sheet of plywood for my work area and I made a couple of 2X4 frames for stretching the fabric.  I made a steamer out of a stove pipe from instructions I found on the Internet.  I am self-taught and have never had any formal training or experience with dying fabrics.  I have only been at it for a few years so I am still learning by trial and error.  I am always on the lookout for new ideas and techniques to try. 

For more information, individual price quotes and delivery estimates, please email me from the contact tab provided at this website.