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Bev spent her childhood in New Mexico. She comes from a family of artisans who value working with their hands and Bev is especially drawn to textiles, the hand printing processes (block printing, screen printing, nature printing), experimenting with natural dyes, hand painting textiles, illustration, line, and her foundational learning developed the skill to sew garments. 

She loves incorporating the Word of God and visions and dreams from God or conversations with God into her textile work and illustrations. Bev's favorite thing of all is to worship and be in God's Presence. Much of her artwork begins there.

Bev completed her Associate of Applied Sciences in Equine Sciences at Dodge City Community College in Dodge City, Kansas and incorporates illustration into her passion for the stewardship of Equine by authoring and fully illustrating her Equine Sciences curriculum for students who have a deep hunger for knowledge of the horse as she did as a youth, or students who may be considering Veterinary school in their future. 

Bev's passion is to help students both become excellent stewards of their animals through understanding the horse's God-given design and to help prepare the student by simplifying the difficult terminology they will face if they choose Veterinary studies. Many of the illustrations in the curriculum are based on photos of her own horses she has raised.

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